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Apple and Google show what their exposure notification system could look like | The Verge

AT&T Will Make Patents Freely Available to Help Fight Pandemic | AT&T

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You can cash your $1,200 stimulus check for free via PayPal and avoid a trip to the bank
| Business Insider

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WhatsApp's new limit cuts virality of 'highly forwarded' messages by 70% | TechCrunch

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Navigate your way towards small business COVID-19 relief | Intuit

Google creates online unemployment application with state of New York | CNBC

World Health Organization Launches Messenger Experience to Help Deliver Accurate Information on COVID-19 | Facebook

Microsoft shares new threat intelligence, security guidance during global crisis | Microsoft

Alexa now responds to the question "Alexa, how do I make a face mask?" | Amazon

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Google Maps puts restaurant takeout and delivery options front and center now that eating out is off the menu | The Verge

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Facebook Invests Additional $100 Million to Support News Industry During the Coronavirus Crisis | Facebook

Apple releases new COVID-19 app and website based on CDC guidance | Apple

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Dr. Anthony Fauci talks to Mark Zuckerberg about what we can do to help fight the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) | Facebook

'Coronavirus' Voice Command Takes Customers to Latest COVID-19 News & CDC Updates | Comcast

Now you can follow the coronavirus outbreak through Apple News on your iPhone, iPad or Mac | CNBC

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Worried about the coronavirus affecting your travel plans? Some credit cards may help you save on trip cancellations. | Credit Karma

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