November 20, 2020


Groups See Positives in Biden’s Team

William Ehart
CEO Update

Tech savvy

TechNet has good reasons for optimism, including the fact that Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain is a former TechNet member and sat on the association’s executive council. Klain, with a long resume in Democratic politics and policy, also was general counsel and executive vice president of Revolution, a venture capital firm. “

He is very knowledgeable on tech,” said TechNet CEO Linda Moore, herself a veteran of four Democratic administrations. “He’ll bring a lot to the table. He’s a thoughtful person on these issues.”

Further, many representatives of major technology companies are on the transition team. Moore sees not just expertise, but predictability.

“There are a lot of very experienced hands who know exactly what they’re doing,” Moore said. “I have great confidence in them and I know that they know exactly what they’re doing.

“More than anything, really, we are just pleased to have a more transparent and consistent and predictable transition in place,” she said.

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