Brad Oberwager

Brad Oberwager is the founder and CEO of Jyve, a skills-as-a-service platform intelligently connecting grocery retailers and brands with the right skilled labor at the right time.  Jyve is based in San Francisco.

Founded in 2015, Jyve is changing the way the world works by making skilled labor optimally accessible at scale and giving workers the flexibility to work when and where they want.  Jyve’s cutting-edge app, powerful optimization technology, and machine-learning algorithm, enable “Jyvers” to match their skills and experience to “Jyves” posted by retailers and brands.

Brad has founded, owned, and served as CEO of multiple snack food and technology companies.  Prior to Jyve, Brad owned Bare Snacks, acquired in 2014 by VMG and sold to PepsiCo in 2018.  Brad also founded and is Chairman of Sundia, maker of chilled fruit snacks and of Good Greens, a plant-based protein bar.  He was the President of more.com following the acquisition of his firm, Acumins, and was CEO of OpenWebs, a marketplace for the automotive industry.

He currently sits on the board of Asure Software (ASURE), which provides world-class management and workplace technology solutions for mobile workforces.  He was Vice-Chair of YPO, a 26,000-member global organization of CEOs.

Brad has three children and lives in San Francisco.

805 15th Street,  NW Suite 708 Washington, DC 20005
(202) 650-5100
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