Ravi Sawhney

Ravi Sawhney is the founder and chairman of the board of  He is also the founder and CEO of RKS Design.  At RKS, Sawhney directs client projects supporting their business objectives, and is responsible for all aspects of design and organizational management.  Sawhney founded RKS design more than 30 years ago after leaving Xerox PARC, and as CEO has developed solutions for clientele in diverse industries, incubated companies, created licensed products, assembled a high-caliber team of colleagues, and accumulated accolades from the media and design juries recognizing the team’s hard work.  He’s also established a powerful culture at RKS focused on the belief that “it’s not how you feel about the design or experience, but rather how it makes you feel about yourself,” which helps RKS consistently develop human-focused solutions with impact.


Sawhney speaks globally and at dozens of U.S.-based conferences as a keynote speaker, and lectures often at prominent D-schools and B-schools.  He also contributes editorial on topics of design, business and innovation for FastCo, and Core77, and serves frequently as a design award judge.

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