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How Tech is Helping Make Roads Safer, Cleaner, and More Accessible

Technology is transforming transportation.  Through innovation and emerging technologies, we are able to get from Point A to Point B more efficiently and securely than ever before.  In this week’s Tech At Work, learn how tech is helping make our roads safer, cleaner, and more accessible.

Toyota Launches Free Autonomous Shuttle Service in Central Indiana

The Toyota Mobility Foundation, in partnership with Energy Systems Network and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, is providing free autonomous shuttle service in Indianapolis.  The initiative is testing the interoperability of mobility innovations and supports Toyota’s commitment to providing mobility for all.

Waymo's New Simulation System Will Expand Autonomous Vehicle Usage

Waymo’s new software solution is aimed at synthesizing the entire autonomous journey.  The software automatically records trips to assess the Waymo Driver's performance.  By using the software, Waymo can safely bring up new vehicle platforms, test them in new locations, and improve their operations.  This will allow the company to bring their technology to more people in more places.

Aurora Implements New Self-Driving Safety Management System

Aurora is out with a new Safety Management System to ensure safety is prioritized in every decision made at the company.  Aurora’s SMS is based on four components: a detailed Safety Risk Management structure, a robust Safety Assurance program, disciplined Safety Policy documentation, and an engaging Safety Culture that includes safety education and events.

Uber Helping Make Pickups Smoother and Safer For Both Drivers and Riders

Uber has updated its rider and driver apps to make the pickup process smoother and safer.  Drivers will now be shown on their map what side of the street their pickup will be and will also be given more descriptive instructions on where riders are waiting.  The updates also include improvements to the drivers’ navigation experience that will help drivers make better-informed decisions.

Argo AI is Working to Commercialize Autonomous Ride Hailing at Scale

Argo AI is working alongside Lyft and Ford Motor Company to introduce autonomous ride hailing at- scale.  Argo AI and Ford will deploy self-driving cars, with safety drivers, on the Lyft Network.  Passenger rides will begin in Miami this year and in Austin in 2022.  As these vehicles are deployed, users within the service areas will be able to select a Ford self-driving vehicle to hail a ride.

ChargePoint is Helping Bring Electric Vehicle Infrastructure to Rural Communities

GM Announces New Fleet Charging Services Designed to Accelerate the Adoption of Fleet Electrification

Getaround is Now Available in Dallas

Google Maps Launches New Tools to Make Travel Safer and More Efficient

Verizon Fleet Management Software Helps Kentucky Company Recover $500,000 in Stolen Trucks

What's New in Tech

Zoom Launches “Zoom Academy” for Educator’s Professional Growth

This week, Zoom held their Zoom Academy, a one day virtual professional development event that brought together thought leaders, educators, and administrators.  Zoom’s goal was to equip and train the education community to successfully conduct remote, in-person, or blending learning experiences this school year.  Read more here.

What We're Saying

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