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How Tech is Helping Startups Raise Money, Hire Talent, and Grow Their Business

For decades, startups have propelled America’s economy forward.  Startups create jobs over five times faster than more established companies and are responsible for many of the innovations that have transformed the world.  As our country recovers from the pandemic, startups will play a critical role in the next phase of rapid job growth if they have the tools and investment needed to succeed.  In this week’s Tech At Work, learn how tech is helping startups raise money, hire talent, and grow their business.

Silicon Valley Bank Explains How Startup Accelerators Work

A startup accelerator is a mentor-based program that provides guidance, support, and limited funding to new companies in exchange for equity.  Silicon Valley Bank shares tips and insights into what accelerators look for in a startup and how entrepreneurs can best utilize this option to grow their business.

Kleiner Perkins’ Podcast Discusses What it Takes to be an Effective CEO at a Growing Company

The episode of Kleiner Perkins’ podcast, Go to Market Grit, discusses what it takes to be an effective CEO of a growing company with the CEO of Incorta.  The discussion focuses on personal obstacles, fundraising challenges, and how to navigate investors and boards of directors.

Accel’s Secrets to Scaling Series Highlights Hypergrowth Challenges and Advice for Entrepreneurs

Accel’s Secrets to Scaling series features leaders from across the company's portfolio sharing advice with the next generation of entrepreneurs.  Their latest interview is with the CEO of Snyk, a cybersecurity company founded in 2015, and highlights the importance of entrepreneurship, tips on picking co-founders and investors, and advice on how to build a global company from day one.

Founder and CEO of JC2 Ventures-backed Rubrik Shares Insights into the Startup Evolution

Rubrik is a cloud data management company backed by TechNet founder and Executive Council member John Chamber’s company JC2 Ventures.  Rubrik founder and CEO Bipul Sinha shares important advice for founders looking to scale their organizations.  Sinha discusses how founders can successfully evolve their startup, including focusing on how to allocate time, developing new skills, and seeking advice early and often.

Amazon Showcases the U.S. Winners of their 2021 Innovation Awards

Amazon’s Launchpad helps entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses build their brands, overcome barriers, and deliver innovative products to customers around the world.  In 2021, Amazon Launchpad has devoted $1.3 million in grants and services supporting small and medium-sized businesses to help the company’s third-party retailers achieve scale.  Prepdeck, a kitchen organizer, was named the 2021 Amazon Launchpad Innovator of the Year and received an additional $100,000 in grants and prizes.

Carta Releases Free Carta Launch Platform to Help Early-Stage Founders

Carta Launch was designed to help founders spend more time building their companies and celebrating their milestones — and less time worrying about whether they are fundraising or managing equity the right way.  The platform uses scenario modeling features to help founders make informed fundraising decisions, automate financing options, and save time.  Launch companies have raised over $6.2 billion on Carta to date.

Visa is Helping Digitally-Enable 16 Million Small and Micro Businesses Worldwide, Expands its Digital Education Platform for Entrepreneurs

Revolution-backed Sportrad Goes Public

PayPal-backed Raises $98M in Latest Fundraising Round

What's New in Tech

Argo AI Partners with Ford and Walmart to Launch Autonomous Vehicle Delivery Service in Three U.S. Cities

Argo AI is working with Ford and Walmart to launch an autonomous vehicle delivery service in three U.S. cities: Miami, Austin, and Washington, D.C.  The service will expand over time with initial integration testing beginning later this year.  The collaboration will showcase how autonomous technology can enhance customer experiences while also optimizing logistics and operations for businesses.

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TechNet Urges the USTR to Develop Digital Trade Rules in the Indo-Pacific

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