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How Tech is Keeping America Running During the Delta Surge

Technology has powered America during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, as the Delta variant surges, technology remains essential in keeping our country running.  Tech is energizing our economy by helping businesses stay open, enabling us to work and learn safely, and making it easier to show proof of vaccination.  Learn more in this week’s Tech At Work.

Apple and Google are Making it Easier to Show Proof of Vaccination

As the Delta variant surges across the country, Apple and Google are making it easier to show proof of COVID vaccination.  Apple and Google devices will store a QR code in users' digital wallets that can be scanned to verify vaccination status.  This will allow people to quickly tap their phone to enter buildings, venues, restaurants, and other locations that require proof of vaccination.

OpenTable Enlists CLEAR to Verify Vaccination Status at Restaurants

OpenTable is partnering with CLEAR to easily show proof of vaccination at restaurants across the country.  Through the CLEAR mobile app, diners can show their vaccination status to gain access to more than 300 restaurants.  By using the CLEAR app, diners will be able to easily adjust to the new safety protocols and speed up entry and seating at their favorite restaurants.

Cisco’s Technology Will Help Power Flexible Hybrid Learning for Students Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic

Technology is creating new educational opportunities.  Cisco recently talked with an education futurist about how the new hybrid learning model is evolving and how technology is helping teachers usher in an era of education that’s more flexible, inclusive, and creative than ever before.

Facebook Unveils a New Virtual Reality Product for Corporate Meetings

Facebook launched a new VR meeting product called Horizon Workrooms in open beta that allows users to meet with up to 15 co-workers in a virtual office — complete with virtual whiteboards and shared computer screens.  Facebook believes that this new method of holding meetings will prompt greater collaboration, employee engagement, and creativity.

Accenture Believes the Future of Work Depends on Employer/Employee Trust and Inclusiveness

Employees are not the same people as they were in 2020, and neither are the organizations that employ them, according to Accenture.  Companies may need to forge a new relationship with their employees in order to retain a talented workforce while continuing to prioritize improving the overall employee experience.

Google Calendar Makes Hybrid Work Easier Through Modified Location Preferences

Zoom Discusses Creative Approaches to Hybrid Work and How to Keep Employees Engaged

Salesforce: How to Approach Vaccine and Mask Mandates in the Workplace

What's New in Tech

Waymo Welcomes Their First Riders in San Francisco

This week, Waymo took the next step in the commercial ride-hailing market by kicking off the Waymo One Trusted Tester program in San Francisco.  Now, for the first time, San Franciscans will be able to hail an autonomous ride in one of Waymo’s all-electric vehicles.  Riders will be able to go anywhere they would like to go within the designated service areas.

What We're Saying

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Before You Start Your Weekend

Verizon's True Calling campaign features healthcare hero Keya Stanford.  Keya is a travel nurse that moves around the country to provide care for patients and communities in need and in times of crisis.  The COVID-19 pandemic added significant strain to travel nurses and Verizon is committed to supporting these local heroes by giving more to those who give the most — with services, discounts, and recognition.

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