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National Disability Employment Awareness Month | Broadening the STEM Talent Base | Tech and School Meals

The tech industry strives to create products and services that benefit everyone. To do that, people of all backgrounds and abilities must have a voice in the creative process. As we kick off National Disability Employment Awareness Month this week, see how tech companies are fostering workplace cultures that are inclusive of people with a broad range of assistive needs and developing solutions to help people harness their unique strengths at work and in their everyday lives.

Additional Tech At Work stories from this week include initiatives from Silicon Valley Bank and Dell Technologies to drive participation from diverse groups in the computer science and STEM fields.

What we're reading

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What we're watching

Born Blind, I Only See Opportunities | Accenture

What we're saying

The ADA 29 Years Later: Technology's Growing Role in Supporting Individuals with Disabilities | Blog by TechNet President & CEO Linda Moore | TECHtalk Blog

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Before you start your weekend

A little technology can go a very long way. Check out this inspiring story about how one young woman's nonprofit is providing healthy school meals to more than 10,000 children across Kenya, via Cisco:

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