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Read How Startups, Investments, and Innovation are Driving the Economy

Startups are disproportionately responsible for the innovations that fuel economic growth and job creation in the U.S.  These companies rely on venture capital to develop new products, strengthen their business, and add talent.  While some grow to be among the largest and most recognized companies in the world, most will never reach that size and scale.  In fact, 58 percent of startups expect to be acquired, realize their gains, and go on to create another new and innovative product or service.  This process spurs innovation and drives our economy forward.  Read more in this week’s Tech At Work.

Revolution Hosts Virtual Tech Talent Tour, Steve Case Discusses the Future of Work

Steve Case, Chairman and CEO of Revolution and a TechNet Executive Council member, sat down with Barron’s to discuss the future of work and how the government can support innovation.  The interview was in advance of Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund virtual Tech Talent Tour, which happened this week and connected job seekers with career opportunities at venture-backed companies in more than 50 cities.

Members of the Oracle Startup Program Are Using Tech to Make the World a Better Place

The Oracle Startup Program connects promising startups with cloud resources and enterprise expertise to drive innovation.  Members of the programs are using tech to make the world a better place and are intent on serving the underserved, battling environmental changes, and making a global impact across industries.

How Honeywell Employees Are Bringing Innovation Home with Them 

As a way of celebrating Father’s Day and highlighting technological innovation at  Honeywell, several dads at the company discussed how they encourage innovation in their own home and how they’re getting the next generation ready to think outside the box.

Waymo is Transforming Mobility By Raising $2.5 Billion From Investors 

Nearly a year after their first external investment round, Waymo has added an additional $2.5 billion in new capital.  Waymo’s funds will go towards expanding Waymo Driver, its autonomous driving platform, and Waymo Via, which works with partners to move freight cross-country.  The funds will also be used to create jobs.

Cruise Secures $5 Billion Line of Credit to Buy Electric, Autonomous Vehicles from GM 

Cruise recently secured a $5 billion line of credit from GM to pay for hundreds of purpose-built electric and autonomous Cruise Origin vehicles.  The Origin is designed as a ridesharing service and will offer safer, cleaner, and more accessible transportation across the globe.

Accenture Report: Innovation is Integral in Meeting Consumer's Expectations for Health Services

A report from Accenture identified top priorities of healthcare executives as they reimagine how their organizations provide health services to meet consumers’ expectations post-pandemic.  The report showed healthcare leaders accelerated innovation amidst the pandemic but gaps in technology became apparent.

Nasdaq Pioneers Disruptive Innovation by Backing Biotech Companies

Zoox's New Safety Report Highlights over 100 Safety Innovations

A New Study From Deloitte Shows How Critical Innovation is When Responding to a Crisis

What's New in Tech

Dell Technologies Will Help Build the Nation’s First Open RAN 5G Edge Infrastructure

Dell Technologies and DISH Network will work together to launch the U.S.’s first cloud-native, Open RAN-based 5G network. Dell Technologies will provide DISH with the groundwork for edge network infrastructure, allowing consumers to fully utilize the capabilities that come along with combining 5G and edge computing. Read more here.

What We're Saying

TechNet Urges the House Judiciary Committee to Hold Hearings on Proposed Antitrust Legislation

TechNet's Letter to the House Judiciary Committee in Advance of Antitrust Legislation Markup

Congress Must Act Now to Protect Dreamers

Before You Start Your Weekend

JayJay Patton started coding when she was 10 years old. Now, years later, she’s built a ground-breaking app and is helping teach thousands of people of color how to code.  Learn the story of JayJay and her dad in “The Coder,” the first film from HP’s “Generation Impact” series.

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