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Read How Tech is Committed to Sustainability and Addressing Climate Change

Addressing climate change is one of the most critical global issues of our time.  Technology companies recognize that immediate action is required and are leading the efforts to help save our planet.  Through innovation and new initiatives, tech is spurring greater investment in advanced energy and sustainable emerging technologies, and taking the necessary steps to begin offsetting our carbon footprint.  In this week’s Tech At Work, learn how tech is committed to sustainability and addressing climate change.

Amazon Becomes the Largest Corporate Buyer of Renewable Energy in the World

Amazon announced 14 new renewable energy projects in the U.S., Canada, Finland, and Spain to advance its goal to power 100 percent of company activities with renewable energy by 2025, five years ahead of its original target of 2030.  Amazon is now the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy in the world.

GM Launches New Fund Aimed at Climate Equity

GM announced plans to prioritize equitable climate action to ensure its all-electric future is inclusive for its current and future workforce, customers, and communities that may disproportionately experience the effects of climate change.  GM also announced a $25 million Climate Equity Fund to help close equity gaps in the transition to electric vehicles.

Study: Electric Vehicle Charging Benefits Businesses and Employees

ChargePoint collaborated with Presidio Graduate School to examine best practices for reducing emissions through electric vehicle charging in the workplace and to find out how workplace EV charging works for their business.  The study explores the many EV-related benefits that attract workers and increase employee satisfaction.

Facebook Releases 2020 Sustainability Report

Facebook released their 2020 Sustainability Report showing the progress the company has made in meeting  their sustainability goals.  The report shows that Facebook met its goal of reaching 100 percent renewable energy for global operations.  The company also announced a new goal: reaching net zero emissions for their value chain by 2030.

Bloom Energy Fuel Cells to be Primary Power in Equinix’s Silicon Valley Data Center

Bloom Energy fuel cells will be the primary power source for Equinix’s new $142 million Silicon Valley data center.  The natural gas-powered cells will be used for primary generation with utility electrical grid and generators as backup sources, a first for Equinix.

Oracle Pledges to Power Global Operations with Renewable Energy by 2025 

 ecoATM Raises $75M to Drive Sustainability and Smartphone Access

 NI Develops a 2030 Corporate Impact Strategy Targeting a More Sustainable Future

 Google Releases Carbon-Free Energy Percentages for 2020

 Cisco Accelerates the Circular Economy Through Digital Infrastructure Investments 

What's New in Tech

Zoom Launches a New Progressive Web App on Chromebook  

Zoom launched a new progressive web application for the Chrome OS.  The new PWA will improve the Zoom experience for Chromebook users and give them access to more Zoom features like customizable gallery view, meeting reactions, and the ability to raise their hand in a meeting.  The PWA will also make the Zoom experience better for both teachers and students who use Chromebooks.  Read more here.

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