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Read How Tech is Driving Our Economic Recovery

Technology has powered America during the pandemic by producing personal protective equipment and ventilators, helping scientists to discover new drug treatments and research vaccines, reducing barriers to telework options, connecting students and teachers, delivering food, providing emergency transportation, and facilitating contract tracing and vaccine distribution.  In this week’s Tech At Work, learn how tech will drive our economic recovery and future growth.

AT&T Makes $2 Billion, 3-Year Commitment to Help Bridge the Digital Divide (At&T)

AT&T is bringing affordability, educational resources, and economic opportunity to millions of Americans who don't have access to the internet through a $2 billion commitment to close the digital divide.

Deloitte's Cloud Native Technology Addresses Changing Business Experiences (Deloitte)

The future of work has changed because of the pandemic.  Deloitte is helping businesses adapt by offering Cloud Native technology that drives innovation, transforms legacy systems, and finds costs savings that can fuel new growth.

New Survey on What Employees Really Think About Hybrid Work (Zoom)

A new survey from Zoom on the shifting nature of workplace trends shows that hybrid work could be our new reality with two-thirds of those surveyed eager to return to the office in a permanent hybrid model.

Cisco Believes the Old 'Normal' is Gone and Outlines What to Expect Next (Cisco)

Industry leaders believe cloud, communication, and choice will unleash the future of work.  To address this change, Cisco is focused on redesigning technological infrastructure systems to institute a cloud-first world.

Salesforce Offers its Approach on Delivering Success from Anywhere (Salesforce)

Salesforce is beginning to reopen offices around the world.  To help customers and other organizations grappling with how to return to the workplace safely, they’re sharing their Success from Anywhere return to work model.

Artificial Intelligence Visual Search Meets Consumers Where They Are (Oracle)

Why Community Colleges Are a Key Part of Upward Mobility and Job Recovery (HP)

What's New in Tech

Uber Lets Customers Donate Money for Rides to COVID-19 Vaccination Sites

Uber riders can help those in underserved communities get rides to COVID-19 vaccination sites.  TechNet members Uber and PayPal have teamed with Walgreens to launch a Vaccine Access Fund that lets customers donate money to help others without transportation get free rides to their vaccine appointments.  Riders can donate directly through the Uber or Uber Eats app using a new feature supported by the PayPal Giving Fund.

The companies are also donating $11 million to the Vaccine Access Fund.  Nearly half of Americans don't have access to public transportation, according to the American Public Transportation Association, making it difficult for them to get to vaccination centers.  Read more here.

What We're Saying

Steve Case, Chairman and CEO of Revolution, America Online Co-Founder, Joins TechNet Executive Council

Before You Start Your Weekend

With uncertainty still ahead, Google knows that many people have questions as the vaccine becomes more available.  They are encouraging users to search “COVID vaccine” to get the latest facts and data about the vaccine as well as information about local distribution sites.

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