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Read How Tech is Strengthening Cybersecurity

Securing intellectual property, safeguarding our economy, and protecting American consumers from cybersecurity risks has never been more important.  From keeping passwords safe to launching new innovations that guard information against attacks, tech is strengthening cybersecurity.  Read more in this week’s Tech At Work.

Google Enhances Password Protections to Increase User-Security

Using the same password across multiple logins is a security risk.  Through the use of AI, Google Chrome is helping users stay protected.  Chrome is able to detect a security breach more accurately and resolve any compromised passwords quickly and safely.

Dell Helps Launch a Subscription-Based Cybersecurity Service

Dell has unveiled a new service for protecting and securing Information Technology (IT) environments against cybersecurity threats.  Dell's Managed Detection and Response service provides constant security across all endpoints, devices, and data center networks for its users and shields cloud data against cyber threats.

Facebook Publishes its Threat Report on Influence Operations

For the past four years, Facebook has been creating a plan to curb coordinated efforts to manipulate or corrupt public debate on its platform for a malign goal.  This week, Facebook released a detailed report disclosing over 150 covert influence operations that it halted. The report also outlines mitigation strategies for the future.

Accenture Invests in Cybersecurity Startup Prevailion

Accenture’s cyber team saw a 200 percent increase in malicious intrusions in 2020.  As a result, Accenture announced an investment in Prevailion, a cyber intelligence company that provides users with early visibility into malware via adversary counterintelligence.  The investment will enhance Accenture’s ability to provide users with indications and warnings of cyber threats.

Verizon Report Shows Cybercrime Increased During the Pandemic

Verizon released its 2021 Data Breach Investigation Report showing an increase in phishing and ransomware attacks during the pandemic as more people worked remotely.  The report also highlighted the challenges businesses face as more of their functions move to the cloud.

Honeywell Receives STIG Cybersecurity Certification from the Department of Defense

Cisco Launches a New Data Center to Strengthen its Cybersecurity Resilience

John Chambers, Founder and CEO of JC2 Ventures, Provides Perspective on Cybersecurity and Emerging Technologie

Salesforce Invests in Cybersecurity Company That Helps Find Potential Risks on Cloud Services

What's New in Tech

Sequoia Capital Invests $3.7 million Into Skiff, a New Workspace Collaboration Platform

Skiff is an online document editor that allows you to write, edit, and collaborate in real-time with colleagues, while offering strong protection for user privacy and security.  Skiff utilizes end-to-end encryption as a foundation and does not have access to its users’ documents — the only ones who do are the editors and those invited to collaborate on the document.  Learn more here.

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