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Rethinking Road Travel | National Recovery Month | "Whiskey by AI"

Can you imagine a future with fewer traffic jams, car accidents, and personal vehicle expenses? These are just some of the visions behind autonomous vehicle (AV) companies that are striving to make transportation safer, more accessible, and more efficient. Today’s vehicles are increasingly being equipped with innovative features that monitor surroundings and anticipate potential problems to help keep drivers safe. At the same time, companies continue to improve their AV technology with each passing day and are working with lawmakers to make the promise of a more mobile future a reality.

Learn more about AVs below, plus new tech resources for addiction recovery, the ongoing response to Hurricane Dorian, and how AI is helping one distillery create new whiskey blends.

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Take a look at how a storied distillery has put AI to work to create new blends of whiskey, via Microsoft Unboxed:

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