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The Tech Industry Provides Critical Help During Coronavirus Pandemic

The technology industry is working diligently and in a multitude of ways to support people and businesses across the U.S. during the coronavirus pandemic. Tech companies are committed to sharing timely and accurate information on coronavirus with the public; taking care of their employees, partners, and local communities; reducing barriers to telework options; helping students and teachers stay connected; and providing telemedicine solutions; among other efforts.

Sharing Accurate and Timely Information with the Public

Now you can follow the coronavirus outbreak through Apple News on your iPhone, iPad or Mac | CNBC
Keeping People Safe and Informed About the Coronavirus
| Facebook
Important information about listings associated with COVID-19
| eBay
Update on the steps we're taking to respond to the coronavirus
| Facebook
Worried about the coronavirus affecting your travel plans? Some credit cards may help you save on trip cancellations.
| Credit Karma
Coronavirus Information, Policy and Safety Tips
| Turo
Coronavirus: How we’re helping
| Google

Taking Care of our People and Communities

Instacart and DoorDash now offer paid sick leave for workers diagnosed with COVID-19 | The Verge
Grubhub suspends ad commissions to help restaurants | Grain's Chicago Business
Postmates says it will start ‘non-contact’ meal deliveries during the coronavirus outbreak
| The Verge
Postmates Unveils Measures For Couriers And Merchants In Response To COVID-19 | Postmates
Cancellation Policy Update Due to Coronavirus (Covid-19)
| Task Rabbit
Uber to offer drivers 14 days sick leave if they fall ill with coronavirus
| CNN Business
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources & Updates
| Uber
Lyft’s latest info on Coronavirus
| Lyft
Introducing New Guidelines and Policies to Support the Health and Safety of the Instacart Shopper Community
| Instacart
Gates Foundation, other charities pledge $125 million to find coronavirus antidote
| The Hill
Mark Zuckerberg's philanthropy groups to fund coronavirus task force, seek to quadruple testing in Bay Area
| The Hill
Microsoft, Amazon and others form $2.5M coronavirus response fund
| GeekWire
Amazon will donate $5M to help small businesses near its headquarters mitigate coronavirus losses
| Amazon
Amazon contributes $1 million to a new Seattle Foundation fund for community members affected by COVID-19
| Amazon
Microsoft will pay hourly workers regularly even if they spend less time on the clock because of coronavirus
COVID-19 update: More ways Amazon is supporting employees and contractors
| Amazon
Major employers updating sick leave policies as coronavirus cases spread
| Washington Post
Big tech firms ramp up remote working orders to prevent coronavirus spread
| CNN Business
Box is now letting all staff work from home to reduce coronavirus risk
| TechCrunch
Cisco Employs Mandatory Work From Home Policy Due To Coronavirus
General Motors tightens travel protocols as coronavirus spreads
Dell Technologies World 2020 Going Virtual Due To Coronavirus
SVB Coronavirus Update - March 2020
| Silicon Valley Bank

Deploying Telework Solutions

Productivity in Uncertain Times through the Elastic Digital Workplace | Accenture
Google and Microsoft are giving away enterprise conferencing tools due to coronavirus
| The Verge
Box is allowing enterprise customers to add any additional users beyond their license limits
| Box
COVID-19: Our Response
| AT&T
Facebook is giving free Portal video chat devices to employees who request them
| Facebook
Cisco Webex: Supporting customers during this unprecedented time
| Cisco
Comcast Increases Access to and Speeds of Internet Essentials to Support Americans Through Coronavirus Pandemic
| Comcast

Helping Students and Teachers Continue the Learning Experience

Making remote learning effective and engaging with Microsoft Education resources | Microsoft
Students Home from School? Keep Learning with ST Math!
| Mind Research Institute
Helping businesses and schools stay connected in response to Coronavirus
| Google
AT&T Suspends Broadband Data Caps During Coronavirus Crisis
| Vice
How To Talk To Your Kids About Coronavirus & Additional Resources

Providing Modern Telemedicine Solutions

The coronavirus (COVID-19): Stay safe. | Teladoc
Microsoft: Coronavirus Prompts Hospitals to Fast-Track Telemedicine Projects
| The Wall Street Journal
Amazon Care, the company’s virtual medical clinic, is now live for Seattle employees

What We're Saying

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TechNet Statement on U.S. Cyberspace Solarium Commission’s Report

TechNet In The News This Week

White House Talks Coronavirus with Tech Giants | Multichannel News
White House seeks the aid of tech titans to combat coronavirus and misinformation
| GeekWire
TechNet weighs in on EARN IT Act
| Axios Login
TechNet comes out against trans athletes bill
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