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Intermediary Liability

Intermediary Liability Principles

  • Online platforms are the way the world connects and shares information.  They create significant value by allowing anyone, anywhere, to connect with billions of people to access and share information.
  • In the U.S., current laws have been crucial in allowing online platforms to operate at the scale necessary to achieve these benefits.
  • Strong intermediary liability protections promote innovation, empower individuals and small businesses to use platforms to reach a global audience, and encourage free expression and the democratization of access to information.
  • Current U.S. laws (in CDA s230 and DMCA s512) are critically important as a means of balancing the rights and interests of content creators, brand owners, intermediaries, other businesses, and consumers.  Changing that balance would have the potential to negatively impact the growth of the U.S. digital economy by chilling innovation, dramatically increasing barriers to entry, and denying consumers access to innovative new services.  Calls for proposals to change that balance should be rejected.
  • Existing intermediary liability protections provide ongoing incentives for content creators and technology companies to explore voluntary practices that are flexible and effective in responding to emerging or evolving challenges.
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