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Modernizing Government IT

Modernizing Government Information Technology Principles

Much of the federal government’s information technology (IT) infrastructure is woefully outdated.  Federal entities spend nearly 80 percent of their total IT budgets on maintaining aging, insecure, and expensive legacy systems.  Obsolete technology systems are inefficient and especially susceptible to cyber attacks, which, among other challenges, put citizens’ personal information at risk.

  • Federal government technology officials need more flexible procurement programs to enable them to move beyond the IT status quo that agencies and departments are saddled with today.
  • TechNet supported passage in the 114th Congress of H.R. 6004, the Modernizing Government Technology Act of 2016 (MGT Act), which would help the federal government creatively improve its information systems.  The bill would authorize two competitive IT modernization funding streams to (1) improve, retire, or replace current technology systems; (2) accelerate the transition to cloud computing; and (3) procure IT products and services to strengthen the federal government’s cybersecurity posture.
  • The MGT Act would also facilitate the sound adoption of state-of the-art technologies, thus helping deliver new IT capabilities, operational efficiencies, and cost savings for the federal government and taxpayers.
  • The MGT Act should be passed without delay in the 115th Congress.
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