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Patent Reform

Patent Reform Principles

TechNet will continue to advocate for comprehensive patent reform legislation.  TechNet supports a patent system that will level the playing field to promote innovation in all sectors of the economy and minimize frivolous litigation.  TechNet also supports the following principles:

  • Patents are the key drivers of our innovation economy.  They support the creation of new and innovative products and services, which, in turn, creates new jobs.  TechNet values the incentives of the patent system, and recognizes that predatory litigation threatens to undermine this precious resource.
  • With technologies evolving more rapidly than ever, TechNet believes federal legislation must ensure our patent system promotes an environment where innovation can flourish.
  • Regrettably, the existing patent litigation environment simply is not sustainable, and reform is urgently needed.
  • Fee-shifting should be used to discourage frivolous and opportunistic infringement claims.
  • Patent litigation reform should provide for reasonable discovery of “core documents” and should require the requesting party to pay discovery costs beyond that.
  • Discovery pending claim construction should be limited so that the issues and arguments being litigated, if any, are clear to both parties.
  • The requesting party should be required to specify patent claims and the infringing products in pleadings to provide clarity in the suit.
  • Patent litigation reform should deter the use of shell companies by promoting transparency in patent ownership and assertion.
  • Venue reform legislation should discourage forum-shopping in patent cases.
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