April 10, 2018


Tech Leaders Call on Lawmakers to Support Innovation Agenda as Part of TechNet Day 2018

20 CEOs and senior executives meet with Congress and administration to discuss ways to spur innovation and job creation

Washington, D.C. — On Wednesday, April 11, 20 technology industry CEOs and senior executives will travel to Washington, D.C., for a day of high-level meetings with lawmakers to discuss policies to spur innovation and job creation across America.

“We look forward to this 17th annual TechNet Day and the platform it provides the tech industry to tell the story of how American ingenuity is making a positive difference in the lives of Americans across the country,” said Linda Moore, President and CEO of TechNet.  “The tech industry is creating jobs and opportunities in every corner of the U.S., driving our global competitiveness, innovating life-enhancing technologies, and partnering with government to advance our national interests in national security, economic leadership, and technological superiority.  It is critical that the tech industry continue working with policymakers to advance pro-innovation policies that help the U.S. retain its competitive edge and provide more jobs and opportunities for all Americans.”

As part of TechNet Day 2018, TechNet’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C., the technology leaders will call for an innovation agenda that bolsters the U.S. economy’s competitiveness; encourages innovation and entrepreneurship; helps the U.S. win the global competition for talent through immigration reform and STEM education; unlocks new markets for U.S. companies through modernized free trade agreements; protects America from cyberthreats; and promotes smart infrastructure.

The tech industry now employs seven million Americans and contributes $1.3 trillion to the U.S. economy.  The CEOs and senior executives will travel to the White House to meet with senior administration officials and to Capitol Hill for meetings with House Republicans, House Democrats, Senate Republicans, and Senate Democrats, as well as a bipartisan group from the Problem Solvers Caucus. The day will be capped off with a reception in appreciation of the service of Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT).

Ahead of TechNet Day, TechNet announced the addition of three new members: letgo, GLAMSQUAD, and TaskRabbit, and the addition of two premier technology leaders to its Executive Council: Katherine “Kate” Adams, Apple’s General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Legal and Global Security, and Matt Cain, Couchbase’s President and CEO.

TechNet has 82 members that represent all parts of the innovation ecosystem.  It has added nine new members so far in 2018, and 18 new members since TechNet Day 2017 last April.  A full list is available here.

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