July 28, 2020


TechNet: Administration Has Gone from Placing DACA Applicants “Into A Bucket” to Throwing Them Away

Washington, D.C. — TechNet President and CEO Linda Moore made the following statement regarding the Department of Homeland Security’s announcement today that they will not accept new Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) applications and they will limit DACA renewals to one year, instead of two. In June, the Supreme Court ruled on this issue and left the program in place by holding that the administration could not arbitrarily end DACA.

“In June, DACA recipients and applicants breathed a sigh of relief when the Supreme Court struck down the administration’s attempt to arbitrarily end the program. Just last week, the Justice Department stated in open court that they are defying the Court's decision by holding new applications and placing them 'into a bucket.’ Now, the administration is thumbing its nose at our courts further by refusing new applications and slashing DACA recipients’ renewal period by half, from two years to one.  

DACA applicants and recipients, young men and women who arrived in the United States through no fault of their own, are complying with the law in a program designed for them. Their contributions to our nation’s economy, academic institutions, and military are without question. They and their households have contributed to our country's federal, state, and local tax base by paying more than $8 billion in taxes annually. Just as those who avail themselves of DACA have complied with the law, so should the administration. It’s saddening to see that the administration has gone from placing DACA applicants 'into a bucket' to throwing them away.”

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