June 10, 2020


TechNet Announces Keith Fernandez as Director of Communications

Washington, D.C. — TechNet, the national,  bipartisan network of innovation economy CEOs and senior executives,  announced Keith Fernandez as director of communications.  Fernandez joined TechNet in May and oversees TechNet’s federal and state communications efforts which promote efforts by tech companies to help create jobs,  to discover solutions to some of the most important issues we face,  and to improve our lives.

In announcing his appointment,  TechNet President and CEO Linda Moore stated: “Keith brings experience from Congress,  corporate America,  and campaigns to our robust press operation.  He will play a crucial role in helping elected leaders,  the media,  and the public better understand the policies that will help keep America the most innovative country in the world.  We are proud that technology has kept businesses and employees working,  teachers and students learning,  doctors and patients recovering,  consumers receiving essential goods,  and families and friends connected during the pandemic.  As we work to rebuild our economy,  tech's role will only grow in importance in helping millions of Americans get back to work.”

“Tech companies have worked at an astounding pace to help provide a lifeline for millions during the coronavirus pandemic and are again working to help improve our economy.  I’m proud to join TechNet,  whose member companies define our way of life,  in order to help demonstrate how tech companies grow our nation’s economy and promote the expansion of jobs in addition to shaping the public policy debate ahead of the election,”  said Fernandez.  “At TechNet,  I look forward to promoting the tremendous work being done by the tech industry to empower individuals and businesses during uncertain times and championing tech's key role in creating jobs that benefit millions of Americans.”

Fernandez joins TechNet from Univision Communications,  where he most recently served as Director of Communications for Policy and Social Impact.  He was previously Counsel and Communications Director for U.S.  Rep.  Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.  Fernandez is an alumnus of the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute and Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute internship programs.  He holds a JD from the University of Florida,  Levin College of Law and is a graduate of Florida International University.

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