June 16, 2017


TechNet: Monday’s White House Meeting An Opportunity To Move Jobs Agenda Forward

Washington, D.C. TechNet, the national, bipartisan network of innovation economy CEOs and senior executives, today issued the following statement ahead of Monday’s meeting of the White House American Technology Council. 

“Monday’s American Technology Council meeting is an opportunity for the administration and technology leaders to work constructively on shared policy goals that will move our nation forward on job creation, modernizing government technology, and workforce development,” said TechNet President and CEO Linda Moore.  “Tax reform and trade will have a major impact on job creation for the American people, and we remain committed to working with the administration and Congress to achieve meaningful results on each of these issues.  

“The White House is right to make modernizing government technology a focus of its policy agenda,” Moore continued.  “This will help pave the way for Senate passage of the Modernizing Government Technology Act, which will bolster our nation’s cybersecurity defenses, help us deliver higher quality services to our veterans and other citizens, and save taxpayer dollars. 

“Monday’s meeting is also an opportunity for the innovation sector to highlight the work it does to boost STEM education and training and to demonstrate the urgent need to reform our high-skilled immigration system,” Moore added.  “Working together, we can ensure America remains the greatest country in the world for innovation, entrepreneurship, and growth.” 

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