June 14, 2018


TechNet Names Christina Fisher as its Northeast Executive Director

Boston, MA — TechNet, the national, bipartisan network of innovation economy CEOs and senior executives, today announced the appointment of Christina Fisher as its Executive Director for Massachusetts and the Northeast.  Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Fisher will oversee TechNet’s state advocacy and political activities in Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia.  She assumes her new role on Monday, June 25.

“We are very pleased to welcome Christina Fisher to our unrivaled state advocacy team,” said Linda Moore, President and CEO of TechNet.  “The Northeast is home to both established and emerging tech hubs like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Richmond, whose innovations are creating jobs and enhancing the way we live and work.  Christina’s extensive policy and advocacy experience will be invaluable to TechNet as we continue to advance policies that drive job creation and innovation.”

In joining TechNet, Fisher said, “I am thrilled to join TechNet and its effective 50-state advocacy team.  The tech landscape of Massachusetts and the Northeast includes both exciting young startups and iconic American companies, and it is essential that these innovators continue to have an effective voice like TechNet leading — and winning — the policy debates taking place here.  I look forward to joining TechNet and advocating for policies that promote more innovation, jobs, and opportunities across the Northeast.”

Christina joins TechNet from Bloom Energy, where she served as Senior Policy Manager.  In this role, she managed Bloom’s regulatory and legislative strategy in New England, which included monitoring regulatory and legislative developments, defining policy direction, and drafting and submitting public comments.  Prior to working for Bloom, Christina served as Committee Counsel to Massachusetts State Senator Benjamin Downing (D), then the Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy.  During her two sessions in this role, she worked on major legislation pertaining to natural gas leaks, solar energy, energy storage, and offshore wind development — all of which were signed into law.  Christina also briefly worked for Massachusetts State Representative Jay Kaufman (D) as his Senior Research Analyst for the Joint Committee on Revenue.  Christina holds a JD from Suffolk University Law School and is a graduate of American University.

About TechNet’s 50-State Advocacy Program

Fisher will lead the Boston office for TechNet’s strong 50-state program.  The state team consists of Andrea Deveau, Vice President, State Policy and Politics; Laura Bennett, Executive Director, California and the Southwest; Jo Deutsch, Executive Director, Washington and the Northwest; Caroline Joiner, Executive Director, Texas and the Southeast; Jane McEnaney, Executive Director, Illinois and the Midwest; and Bish Paul, State Policy Manager.  TechNet’s state team engages on a wide range of technology issues, including computer science education, privacy, cybersecurity, tax, energy, broadband expansion, and policies affecting the gig and sharing economies.

About TechNet
TechNet is the national, bipartisan network of technology CEOs and senior executives that promotes the growth of the innovation economy by advocating a targeted policy agenda at the federal and 50-state level.  TechNet’s diverse membership includes dynamic American companies ranging from startups to the most iconic companies on the planet and represents over three million employees and countless customers in the fields of information technology, e-commerce, the sharing and gig economies, advanced energy, cybersecurity, venture capital, and finance.  TechNet has offices in Albany, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Olympia, Sacramento, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Tallahassee, and Washington, D.C.

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