June 27, 2016


TechNet Statement on Hillary Clinton’s Technology and Innovation Agenda

Washington, D.C. — TechNet, the national, bipartisan network of innovation economy CEOs and senior executives, today issued the following statement in response to Hillary Clinton’s proposed technology and innovation agenda.  The following can be attributed to Linda Moore, President and CEO of TechNet.

“Hillary Clinton is the first of the presidential candidates to lay out a technology and innovation agenda.  In doing so, Hillary proves that she gets it — that our nation's ability to grow our economy and drive job creation is dependent on our ability to stay ahead of the curve in innovation.

It’s worth singling out Secretary Clinton’s proposals on making investments in computer science and STEM education, the need to safeguard the free flow of information across borders, the critical importance of cybersecurity at home and abroad, as well as the need to reallocate and repurpose radio spectrum for broadband and WiFi.  These are key components in the effort to build a true innovation economy.

The proposal, however, is silent in other areas, particularly the need to modernize our tax code and advance global trade.  We will continue to engage with Secretary Clinton’s campaign to advocate for additional policy development in these and other areas.

Earlier this year, the technology industry laid out our own version of a presidential policy initiative and called on the presidential candidates to engage in this space.  TechNet is pleased that one candidate has taken up the challenge.  We hope that the other major candidate in the race for president will lay out his technology and innovation policy agenda as well so that voters can assess them side-by-side.”

In May, TechNet joined with a dozen other technology organizations to urge the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates to embrace a “Technology Sector Presidential Platform” that will drive economic growth, innovation, and job creation in the United States.  A copy of the letter and platform can be found here.

About TechNet
TechNet is the national, bipartisan network of technology CEOs and senior executives that promotes the growth of the innovation economy by advocating a targeted policy agenda at the federal and 50-state level.  TechNet’s diverse membership includes dynamic startups to the most iconic companies on the planet and represents more than two million employees in the fields of information technology, e-commerce, advanced energy, biotechnology, venture capital, and finance.  TechNet has offices in Washington, D.C., Silicon Valley, Sacramento, Seattle, Boston, and Austin.

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