Helping Students and Teachers Continue the Learning Experience‍‍

Comcast Announces New Xfinity Offering to Help Educators Stay Connected This Fall | Comcast

Reimagining Education: From Remote to Hybrid Learning | Microsoft

Teachers: Top Features for Securing Your Virtual Classrooms | Zoom

Amazon Delivers Face Shields to Indiana Schools | Amazon

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How Colleges Can Prepare Students for a Changing Economy | CDW

Dell Technologies Powers Creative Arts Education | Dell Technologies

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New version of STMath for remote learning | MIND Research Institute

In a new episode of CIO insights, transitioning University Learning to online learning is discussed | Cisco

Apple updates coding programs and resources for educators and students | Apple

Amazon donating 8,950 laptops to our elementary students | Amazon

Duolingo steps in to support online classes at home | Duolingo

Comcast extends 60-Days of free internet service to new internet essentials customers | Comcast

AT&T continues to offer summer learning academy | AT&T

HP Summer Scholars | HP

GM Launches STEM Summer School Series on YouTube | General Motors

Free CS Courses | Amazon

AT&T is helping to provide free WiFi on WiFi buses in Sacramento to support distance learning | AT&T

Six Months of Free Internet for Low Income Students in Sacramento | Comcast

Our Thanks to Teachers: Classroom Resources to Teach 21st Century Skills | Intuit

To every teacher, thank you times infinity | Google

HP Launches Free Print, Play, and Learn Platform | HP

Laptops donated and online resources provided to thousands of AP computer science students | Amazon

AT&T commits $1.2 million to support small businesses helping keep educators and students connected | AT&T

Amazon gives a $150,000 grant to the Alliance for Education’s Right Now Needs Fund to support Seattle Public Schools students and families | Amazon

New Meet features to improve distance learning | Google

Amazon donates 8,200 laptops to Seattle Public Schools families | Amazon

GM Mobilizes to Support Communities Amid Coronavirus Pandemic | General Motors

Aurora donated $25,000 for devices and volunteered at Brentwood Elementary to prep Chromebooks for distance learning | Ravenswood Education Foundation

WGBH Distance Learning Center | WGBH

Amazon Future Engineer offers free and creative coding coursework | Amazon

A temporary hub of information and tools to help teachers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. | Google

AT&T is Supporting Remote Learning | AT&T

Microsoft joins education global coalition-Message by Satya Nadella CEO of Microsoft | Microsoft

What we can learn from the current school closures about how to support remote learning | Microsoft

How do you collaborate without a classroom? | Cisco

Amazon Future Engineer offers free online computer science classes for any student or teacher affected by COVID-19 in the US | Edhesive

Family Learning Center | Microsoft

Apps for Working and Staying at Home | App Store

Making remote learning effective and engaging with Microsoft Education resources | Microsoft

Students Home from School? Keep Learning with ST Math! | Mind Research Institute

Helping businesses and schools stay connected in response to Coronavirus | Google

AT&T Suspends Broadband Data Caps During Coronavirus Crisis | Vice

How To Talk To Your Kids About Coronavirus & Additional Resources | WGBH

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