June 23, 2020


H-1B: Silicon Valley blasts Trump’s Monday order suspending visas

Ethan Baron
The Mercury News

TechNet, an industry group representing major firms including Apple, Google, Facebook, Cisco, HP, Oracle, Uber and Zoom, cited tech companies’ contributions amid the coronavirus pandemic. “This will slow innovation and undermine the work the technology industry is doing to help our country recover from unprecedented events,” the group’s CEO Linda Moore said in an emailed statement.

“The technology industry is working overtime to keep Americans connected during a global pandemic by providing food delivery services, tele-healthcare, collaborative business solutions, and ways for families and friends to stay connected. Technology will continue to be crucial to the rebuilding of our economy.”

Silicon Valley’s technology companies for years have relied heavily on the H-1B, pushing for an expansion to the annual cap of 85,000 new visas and arguing that they need more visas to secure the world’s top talent. Critics point to reported abuses and say the visa, intended for jobs requiring specialized skills, has been used by staffing and outsourcing companies, and major tech firms, to supplant U.S. workers, drive down wages and facilitate outsourcing of U.S. jobs.

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