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How Tech is Leading By Example on Climate Change

Addressing climate change is one of the most critical global issues of our time and the technology industry recognizes that immediate action is needed.  Tech is leading by example through cutting-edge sustainable solutions, innovations, investments, and initiatives that are making our planet's future cleaner and brighter. Read more in this week’s Tech At Work.

Salesforce’s Sustainability Cloud Helps Companies Accelerate Their Path to Net Zero

Salesforce’s Sustainability Cloud helps customers take tangible steps to achieve carbon neutrality by quantifying companies' carbon footprint to help them make smarter decisions to improve sustainability.  The tool tracks and monitors emissions, incorporates sustainability into business strategies and operating models, tackles carbon accounting audits, and provides a dashboard to track patterns and trends.

AT&T’s Connected Climate Initiative Unleashes the Power of 5G and Broadband to Reduce U.S. Carbon Emissions

AT&T’s Connected Climate Initiative unleashes the power of 5G and other broadband technologies to eliminate a gigaton — 1 billion metric tons — of greenhouse gas emissions by 2035.  Through the initiative, AT&T will bring together business customers, universities, and nonprofits to identify best practices and develop innovative new products to build tomorrow’s 5G and other broadband-enabled solutions that may fundamentally shift how industries operate.

Dell is Reducing Emissions Across Operations, Supply Chains, and Products

Dell is making progress on its goals of achieving net zero emissions by 2050.  Dell’s technologies such as cloud, data analytics, edge computing, AI, and machine learning are all delivering significant impact in reducing emissions.  Dell is working closely with partner companies to improve facilities’ energy efficiency, centralize data storage for reduced energy use, and embrace technologies that mitigate the need for additional energy usage.

Google is Building a Sustainable Future for Travel

Google is making it easier to see information about the sustainability efforts of hotels.  Now, when users search for hotels on Google, they’ll see an eco-certified badge next to hotels that are certified for meeting high standards of sustainability from certain independent organizations.  Google is also developing tools to analyze the sustainability of air travel.  In addition, Google recently released its inaugural Sustainability Bond Impact Report.

Amazon is Advancing its Commitment to Sustainable Devices, Advancing Climate Research

mazon has announced plans to make their devices more energy efficient, packaging materials even more sustainable, and create an experience that uses artificial intelligence to help customers live more sustainably without having to think about it.  Amazon is also collaborating with SilverLining and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) to run the first-ever full-production climate-model simulations and is expanding access to data from this research to scientists everywhere.  

Facebook Announces New Measures to Help its Community Engage with Climate Topics

Last year, Facebook launched the Climate Science Information Center to connect users to factual and up-to-date climate information.  Facebook is expanding this initiative and adding new features to further engage with users on climate change.  Facebook is growing its Climate Science Center, funding a $1 million grant to combat climate misinformation, and elevating climate voices through a video series of young climate advocates, in addition to several other actions.

GM Set to Reach 100 Percent Renewable Energy in the U.S. Five Years Ahead of Schedule

Bloom Announces Plans to Convert its Global Fleet of Natural Gas-Based Fuel Cell Projects to Certified Low-leak Gas

HPE Hosts a Series of Interviews with Environmental and Technological Experts to Discuss How Tech Will Drive 100 Percent Decarbonization

Cisco’s Global Problem Solver Challenge Awards WaterScope for Their Clean and Sustainable Tech

Oracle Discusses How to Improve the Customer Service Experience While Prioritizing Sustainability

Deloitte Hosts Conversation with Amazon’s VP of Sustainability Architecture

What's New in Tech

Honeywell Developing First-of-its-Kind Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

Honeywell is supporting the growth of a zero-carbon economy in the aviation industry.  Honeywell has partnered with United Airlines to invest in a company that produces first-of-its-kind technologies for existing refineries to convert to produce sustainable aviation fuel at scale.  Honeywell’s goal is to generate carbon-negative fuel at spec with today’s jet fuel.  Honeywell expects this product to be available by 2025.

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