TechNet offers its members a wide variety of engagement opportunities.  National and state capital fly-ins, roundtable forums, networking receptions, delegation tours, and company visits are just a few examples of the events that foster relationship-building and dialogue among those on the front lines of innovation and public policy. 

Core Annual Events

TechNet Day: Each year, TechNet's federal team hosts TechNet Day in Washington, D.C. On April 4, 2019, CEOs, founders, and senior executives from TechNet member companies attended a full day of high-level meetings with the most influential leaders in Washington, D.C., including 43 members of the House and Senate, and the Trump Administration.  The day began with a live interview on CNBC as two TechNet executives laid out our policy priorities for the day's meetings.  Each of the White House and Capitol Hill meetings included robust discussions on these top priorities. TechNet Day 2020 will take place later in the year.

State Policy Conference: TechNet’s 2019 State Policy Conference was held on November 13-15 in Austin, Texas. Each year, the State Policy Conference brings together senior state-oriented government affairs professionals from member companies with key state policymakers from across the country and TechNet’s 50-state policy and advocacy team to explore the leading issues facing the industry in the states.  Panel discussions and networking opportunities allow participants to better understand the state-of-play, build working relationships, and set TechNet’s agenda for the coming year. 

TechNet at SXSW: The SXSW Interactive conference brings together leading innovators, policymakers, and others each year in Austin, Texas, to celebrate American ingenuity and technological advancements.  TechNet plays an integral role, working with conference organizers to design panel discussions on important public policy topics and convening conference participants in an annual “Innovation Nation” celebration in partnership with the U.S. Conference of Mayors. 

Federal Policy and Politics Planning Meeting: The Federal Policy and Politics Planning Meeting is held each January in Washington, D.C.  The robust session brings together senior federal-oriented government affairs professionals from member companies for a closed-door discussion of the policy and political dynamics relevant to TechNet’s top priorities.  This is a chance for collaboration among member companies on shared priorities and agenda-setting for the coming year.

State Lobby Days: TechNet organizes multi-company lobby days in key state capitols across the country in order to build relationships and effectively communicate industry priorities to relevant state policymakers.  In 2018, TechNet organized Lobby Days in Arizona, California, Florida, Texas, and Utah.  In 2019, TechNet held lobby days in California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, and Texas. Lobby days will also be held throughout 2020.

Public Policy Committees (PPC)

Federal PPC: The Federal PPC is a monthly gathering of member company government affairs representatives in Washington, D.C. and by teleconference.  One half of the meeting is dedicated to internal business, discussing TechNet’s most relevant priorities at the time.  The remaining half of the meeting features a guest speaker, who is usually a senior congressional or administration staffer with some relevance to a leading priority at the time.

State PPC: Similar to the Federal PPC, state government affairs representatives gather regularly in California, Texas, Washington, Massachusetts, and Illinois to discuss the issues of the day.

Policy Working Groups: TechNet works on a broad array of issues at both the state and federal levels.  TechNet members are also diverse and not necessarily focused on all issues within the organization’s portfolio.  For this reason, policy working groups exist to coalesce around particular topics of interest to spur effective collaboration on shared priorities as needed.  Engagement can range from passively following email communication about emerging issues to participation in meetings and calls when needed.

Political Program

TechNet's political program is operating at full speed for the 2020 election cycle. TechNet's federal and state PACs will continue to support technology champions of both political parties through political and educational events in Silicon Valley and other tech hubs.

Communications Program

TechNet's communications efforts help boost our advocacy program's critical work across the country and demonstrate TechNet's position as a leader in the tech industry.  We have built trusted relationships with reporters that help us run policy campaigns that include both shaping stories and placing op-eds to help define the issues facing our industry and to ensure we are winning policy battles on behalf of our members.  Our position as a leader in the tech industry is reflected in media mentions such as a WIRED magazine article that identified TechNet as “tech’s most powerful advocacy group.”  This type of recognition is an indication of our effectiveness and helps us fulfill the promise of being “The Voice of the Innovation Economy.”



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