September 25, 2017


TechNet Welcomes White House’s $200 Million Commitment for Computer Science & STEM Education

Washington, D.C. — TechNet, the national, bipartisan network of innovation economy CEOs and senior executives, today welcomed President Trump’s signing of a memorandum instructing the U.S. Department of Education to invest at least $200 million annually in computer science and STEM education programs.  The following statement is attributable to TechNet President and CEO Linda Moore:

“We welcome the White House’s announcement dedicating at least $200 million annually to promote computer science and STEM education, and hope this is the beginning of a sustained effort to ensure that every child in America has a chance to develop basic STEM and coding skills.  These in-demand skills are in short supply and leaving too many of our young people unprepared to secure the more than 500,000 well-paying computing jobs currently unfilled in the U.S.

Only one out of four K-12 schools teach any computer science, even though nine out of ten parents say they want it taught in their children’s schools.  The federal government has a duty to provide a safety net for the 75 percent of American students who are falling through the cracks because they lack access to computer science and STEM education.  We applaud the White House for recognizing this critical need and for stepping in to fill the gap and give our young people a chance to succeed.”

TechNet is a member of the Computer Science Education Coalition, which advocates for Congress to provide $250 million in federal funding for K-12 computer science education annually.

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