50-State Advocacy Program

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TechNet's 50-state advocacy team includes Executive Directors Ruthie Barko (Central U.S., based in Denver), Cameron Demetre (Southwest, based in Sacramento), Tyler Diers (Midwest, based in Chicago), Servando Esparza (Southeast, based in Austin), Chris Gilrein (Northeast, based in Boston), and Samantha Kersul (Northwest, based in Olympia).

The program is focused on four primary missions:

Legislative and regulatory advocacy in all 50 states: The 50-state advocacy program champions policies that foster a climate of innovation and competition, allowing America’s tech industry to flourish.  When policymakers are grappling with today’s most transformative new technologies, they turn to us.

Relationship-building among member companies and policymakers: The 50-state advocacy program excels at providing regional and Silicon Valley-based opportunities that bring together TechNet members and the most significant policymakers at the state and local levels.

Policy expertise and influence: Each member of the 50-state advocacy team is responsible for at least one of TechNet’s policy priorities.  This requires executive directors to lead a TechNet state policy committee, track legislation impacting these priorities across all 50 states, and advocate publicly on the topic.

Local support for federal initiatives: The 50-state advocacy program supports the federal team on congressional events around the country.  The entire team can be engaged to support federal efforts on targeted topics through coalition building, grass-tops efforts, and local communication with elected officials.


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