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TechNet supports policies that are technology-neutral and that foster and promote innovation in clean energy supply and demand for a sustainable climate. This allows companies to create, thrive, and compete in the United States and around the globe.  TechNet’s state program supports the following principles:

·       A robust, technology-neutral energy agenda that will spur the development and deployment of clean energy and clean transportation resources and technologies.

·       Customer choice.  

·       Resilience and reliability in the face of security threats, natural disasters, and uninterrupted energy supplies.  Understanding that clean energy and resilient energy are not mutually exclusive, TechNet will seek to advance the intersection of sustainable energy and resilient energy.

·       The expansion of competitive and transparent energy supply markets at the wholesale and retail levels.

·       Forward-looking policies that ensure open access and enable market-based deployment of wholesale and distributed energy resources.

·       Fair and equal access to data, in a standardized format, to enable industry growth while empowering consumers to effectively deploy and utilize clean energy solutions.

·       Stable tax policies that provide industry and consumers with long-term clarity to support the investment in and deployment of clean energy technologies.

TechNet’s clean energy priorities include advocacy and support around the following policy areas:

·       Demand Response (DR)

·       Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

·       Energy Efficiency Standards

·       Resilient Energy Supply

·       Clean Energy Standards, Renewable Portfolio Standards, and Renewable Fuel Standards

·       Grid Modernization

·       Retail Energy Competition and Self-Supply

·       Grid and Customer Data Access and Transparency

·       Electrification of Transportation

·       Clean Energy Supply

·       Microgrids

·       Demand Charges

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